1. Connections throughout the Industry: widely connected at senior level with potential customers and partners. A valuable resource for creating profitable deals
  2. Deep Corporate Development / M&A experience: from key acquisitions for 20 years including Rhozet, BTL, Scopus and Omneon at Harmonic, and Envivio, Mediaroom and others at Ericsson. Developing exit strategies and working with financial institutions to ensure optimal sale value
  3. Sales Enhancement: open, develop and successfully close profitable revenue opportunities through deep industry connections
  4. Growth Management: developing strategic growth plans (organic and inorganic) and matching potential acquisition targets with growth strategies. Reducing acquisition risk through rigorous due diligence
  5. Deep Experience in Strategic Planning: to guide and develop strategic plans for future growth; driving the “Calypso” strategic planning program at Harmonic and the “MediaVision 2020” strategic planning program at Ericsson
  6. Innovation Management: working with accelerators to develop future acquisition candidates
  7. Brand Enhancement: effective messaging through articulation of value propositions and differentiators
  8. Management Development: to bring new energy into management teams