There is no doubt that the entire industry is undergoing a seismic shift in both consumption and supply. The triple critical impact of changing human behavior, the power of the internet and the move to universal mobility is changing EVERYTHING. The entire industry from content creation to service suppliers is being challenged every second to adjust to these powerful shock-waves. Typical questions that every leader in this industry is wrestling with include (among many more)…

  1. Will cord shaving accelerate as skinny bundles get wider acceptance?
  2. Where is the changing balance between the cost of securing content with the revenue bleed caused by piracy?
  3. How will 5G and fixed wireless broadband start to dent cable’s grip on 100mbps+ consumption demands?
  4. Is there a recognizable future for satellite?
  5. Will cable consolidate into one mega media company per continent?
  6. Will lack of last mile control force content owners out of the race?
  7. Will TV & Media follow SMS and voice as a table stake for garnering broadband subscribers?